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MacBook, iMac, Laptop, Netbook, and Desktop PC Repair Service

Is something wrong with your MacBook, iMac, Laptop, or Desktop PC but you don't know what? There a number of possible hardware malfunctions or software settings that could limit your computer functionality. Our highly skilled technicians can pinpoint exact problems and assist you in planning the best course of action for its solution. CellTech Fix Pro carries top-of-the line diagnostic tools to fix software errors, and the highest quality replacement parts to solve hardware malfunctions. Don't hesitate to let us diagnose and repair your computer today!

Hardware Issues

  • Power Issues
  • Liquid Demage
  • Bad Logic Board (Motherboard Repair)
  • Keyboard / Touchpad Issues
  • Screen Replacement
  • Battery Replacement
  • Keyboard Replacement
  • LCD Backlight Issues
  • Small Chip BGA reword (GPU, chipset reballing and replacement)

Software Issues

  • Freezing Running On
  • Windows, Mac OS Setup
  • Backup
  • Virus Romoval
  • Bios Update

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